27 Paleo Movie Night Snacks (to Sneak in Your Bag #movienightsnacks
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27 Paleo Movie Night Snacks (to Sneak in Your Bag #movienightsnacks

27 Paleo Movie Night Snacks (to Sneak in Your Bag)

Courtney Hamilton Whip up these healthy, Paleo-friendly snacks for a movie night treat that’s so much better for you than greasy popcorn. Movie nights are a fun break after a long week, but the snacking can be a challenge. Head to the movie theater, and all you’ll find is processed, sugar-laden candies and popcorn coated in loads of fake butter. Even at home, it can be tricky to come up with food for the whole family to nosh on during the movies. Enter this recipe list. We’ve compiled a plethora of recipes to enjoy on movie night – be it at home or at the theater. Got a craving for candy? Gummy recipes in flavors like coconut matcha, orange, and sour melon will do the trick. Need something crispy and crunchy? We’ve got a compendium of veggie chip recipes, including plantains, nacho cheese kale chips, Paleo Doritos and even crispy mushroom chips! Want to snack smarter and curb cravings? Get your FREE 25 Healthy Paleo Snacks Cookbook here.Click here to get your FREE copy of our Snack Recipes Cookbook! Paleo Doritos Gluten-Free Herb Garlic Crackers These herby crackers are filled with flavor! Tip: If you like your crackers cheesy, sprinkle them with nutritional yeast before baking. Recipe: PaleoHacks | Gluten-Free Herb Garlic Crackers Blueberry Apple Pie Trail Mix Balls These hearty, fruity snack balls are perfect movie snacks – just pop one in your mouth whenever you get peckish. Recipe: PaleOMG | Blueberry Apple Pie Trail Mix Balls Avoid the preservatives and other toxic ingredients …


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